Saturday, January 15, 2011

Edge of Darkness: A Norwegian Epic

Lewis Milestone's Edge of Darkness, released in 1943, depicts the heroic true story of the Nazi resistance led by villagers in a small Norwegian fishing town of Kronos. It's hard to fathom that the threat of Nazi occupation stretched far North into Scandinavia.

Edge of Darkness is full of beautiful cinematography that captures Norway’s scenic beauty. The movie opens with German planes flying through the clouds and mist that engulf the mountains and villages. The head of the fisherman’s union, Gunnar Brogge, (played by Errol Flynn) assumes command of the resistance after his lover Karen Stensgard (played by Ann Sheridan) is raped by a German soldier.

Edge of Darkness captures the human struggles experienced by Norwegians under Nazi occupation. Lewis Milestone, who also directed "All Quiet on the Western Front" delivers a wartime drama at its best.

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  1. Hi Pat! You know how much I love this movie -- it is unusual really for a World War II movie. Not unrealistic, not romantic, but a wonderful tribute to those people who fought so hard against the Nazis. I hope your post introduces this movie to people who may not have seen it!