Friday, October 8, 2010

Once Bitten: A cheesy 80s comedy that is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit

I have a confession to make. Ever since I was very young, I fell in love with campy 80s movies. Maybe it's because I'm a product of the 80s, or maybe it’s because my parents had HBO when I was growing up. Anyways, one of my favorite campiest 80s movies of all time just happens to be my next Halloween movie recommendation. "Once Bitten", which was released in 1985, stars Jim Carrey and sexy actress and supermodel Lauren Hutton. Lauren Hutton was one of America's first supermodels, cover girl and cosmetics spokeswoman since the 1960s. Lauren Hutton was in her early 40s when she made "Once Bitten" and still looked stunning.

The plot is simple enough. Mark Kendall (played by Jim Carrey) is a high school student living in Los Angeles and is desperate to get laid with his girlfriend Robin (played by Karen Kopins), but she is not quite ready. So one night, Mark and his goofy friends, Jamie and Russ, decide to cruise Hollywood to pick up chicks. They are able to sneak into a trendy Hollywood nightclub where Mark becomes seduced at the bar by the Countess (played by Lauren Hutton). What Mark doesn't realize is that the Countess is not looking for a good time. She has a problem. She is a 400 year old vampire who needs to feed on the blood of a virgin three times ever year before Halloween or else she will lose her beauty. Will the Countess, with the help of her flamboyant servant Sebastian (played by Cleavon Little) along with her coven of vampires succeed in finding a virgin in LA? You will need to rent the movie to see if Mark succumbs to the Countess' bloodthirsty desire.

I want to take this time to share a funny true story that is connected to this movie. My brother was in Kindergarten, yes Kindergarten, when he discovered this movie; probably through my bad influence. Anyways, there's a pick-up line used in the movie by Mark’s friend Russ that my brother retained to memory and after which he began to recite it to just about anyone including his kindergarten teacher without knowing the sexual connotations behind it. The pick-up line goes,

"Hi. I'm a Sagittarius. I enjoy surfing, candlelit dinners, and Tolstoy. Listen. I'm a mature person and you're a mature person, so why don't we just skip all the bullshit, get rid of our inhibitions, and DO what we really wanna DO? "

Can you imagine hearing that line from the the mouth of a kid in kindergarten? Well my brother did it and it was absolutely hilarious. We still have old family movies with him saying that line. Now that's a priceless and precious family memory we will always cherish!!!

“Once Bitten” is just a fun and innocent movie which could only have been pulled off in the 80s. Definitely cheesy, but sexy and entertaining just the same. If you like underground 80s music as I do, you will enjoy the music sequences used throughout the film. There is also a sexy dance sequence with Jim Carrey, Lauren Hutton and Karen Kopins at the high school Halloween dance that is alone worth watching the movie. Jim Carrey is a surprisingly good dancer. "Once Bitten" was the film that put Jim Carrey on the road to stardom and soon afterwards went onto work for Fox's successful comedy sitcom "In Loving Color".

If you want to mix up your Halloween movies with a taste of comedy, "Once Bitten" is a tasty treat that is sure to entertain you and your friends this Halloween.

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  1. Oh, I REMEMBER you and your brother quoting that line from the movie! I also remember telling you both to stop it! I haven't seen this one in years and would like to see it again. It was fun. And now you're too old for me to tell you to stop saying that!