Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Tell-Tale Heart: Narrated by Acclaimed British Actor James Mason

Have you ever had the opportunity to tell a scary story to your friends or family? Not so easy was it? Perhaps you weren't able to excite a fearful reaction from your audience that you had hoped for. If this was the case, you're not alone. The ability to narrate a scary story is truly an artform that takes training and which few are able to master.

It's one thing to relay the details of your scary story across to your audience so they can understand the basic plot. However, it's quite another thing to deliver a scary story effectively to evoke a fearful response from your audience. This is where the art of delivery comes into play.

So what better way to enhance your scary story telling skills than by hearing a scary story from acclaimed British actor James Mason. James Mason's sophisticated delivery and tone are what made him one of Britian's most distinguished actors. I became a huge fan of James Mason after watching his portrayal of Brutus in the 1953production of "Julius Caesar". Plus I just love the way he talks.

Enjoy a wonderful animated short film based on Edgar Allan Poe's short-story "The Tell-Tale Heart" narrated by James Mason.

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  1. Poe is a favorite author mine, and having James Mason perform The Tell-Tale heart would be such a treat. His marvelous voice and that eerie story are a great combination. Good suggstion for the month of October.