Monday, October 4, 2010

Christine: Scary Movie Recommendation # 1

Only Stephen King could frighten millions of readers with a story about an evil 1958 Plymouth Fury and write it in such a way that makes it both believable and terrifying as well. "Christine" is one of King's earlier novels and one that I highly recommend reading. As with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, King takes you back to those wonderful days of high school. Unlike Twilight, King's protagonist Arnold Cunningham (high shool nerd) falls in love with a possessed 1959 Plymouth Fury instead of a seducing, charming vampire. Arnold's best friend Dennis Guilder (football jock) is not happy with Arnie's decision to buy the rusted, beat-up car in the first place. The book follows Arnie's infatuation over his car "Christine" transform into a disturbing obsession, then finally into a frightening rage.

After purchasing "Christine", Arnie undergoes a dramatic change. His acne miraculously clears up. Remember, this story takes place in the 70s, well before ProActiv Acne Solution hit the market. His confidence signficantly increases and he is able to fend off his bullies and fall in love with beautiful Leigh Cabot to boot. While "Christine" is responsible for this transformation, she soon becomes insanely jealous and territorial. In the end, Arnie is forced to choose between "Christine" or his friends.

Since it's Halloween season, I highly recommend that you add "Christine" to your horror movie list. Christine was released in 1983 and directed by John Carpenter, who is well known for "The Thing", "Halloween", "Escape from New York", "Escape from LA" and "Vampires". I personally love John Carpenter's movies. His style is raw and entertaining and "Christine" is classic John Carpenter all the way.
If you have "Encore On Demand", you should be able to access the movie through the month of October. I will try to post additional horror movie favorites of mine every day this month.


  1. stephen king is the master of horror, and will get you in the mood for the halloween season. Recommended reading: It, Bag of Bones, The Dark TOwer, Roadwork, Thinner... and just about anything he has written.

  2. Christine was one of the few King movies to do pretty good justice to the books. The boy that played Arnie broke your heart and then scared you with the slow death of his sweetness and tenderness, morphing into the same kind of nasty man who had originally owned the car.
    I like the recommendations you made, Michael, but I would add my favorite King books, The Shining, The Stand and The Dead Zone. As far as doing justice to the books, The Dead Zone was probably the most spot on. Christopher Walken was just wonderful in it.
    Good post, Pat. I'll have to get out all of my scary movies now to watch during October!